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I lost my heart to this young lady.  She lost her father and mother in the earthquake.  She and her sister were living in a tent with their Uncle and his family.
Over the course of a few days, we got to know one another.  Her Uncle, saddened by the family loss, did his best to make the girls feel safe and loved.
I was humbled by his love and caring and openness.  He shared with me his hospitality and I did everything I could to help, though this really amounted to very little.
I remember thinking that I would like to adopt these young ladies, to provide for them and give them the opportunities available in the West.  Thinking about it and in hindsight, I wish I had, but at the time, all I could think of is the tightness of their extended family and the life they knew.  The knew no other.
I tried to keep in touch with this family through the Red Cross and other relief organizations.  Last I heard, they moved further south and away from the Pakistan-India border.
I will never forget this young lady.  Often, when I look into the view finder of a camera, I still see her smiling, beaming face and feel her strength of spirit amidst the adversity and tragedy she survived.
Throughout my own difficulties, I have been reminded of her soulful, loving nature and it has brought me courage to face my own trials.










The light of life shines through adversity, if one has the strength to accept responsibility for the gift.

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